TROWBRIDGE residents and cyclists are unimpressed by the new Hilperton Road cycle lane.

Cycle lanes have been marked off at the town end of the road on both sides, but further up, towards the Elizabeth Way roundabout, there are no lanes, just cycle symbols painted on the road.

Jason Gunn said he was excited to see the council invest in cycle paths but when on his weekend ride was left unimpressed.

“I would say something is better than nothing and as an experienced cyclist it’s not going to stop me using a road if it has or doesn’t have a cycle path,” he said. “However, for encouraging people to cycle more it does very little and offers next to no safety improvements.”

Ashley Hutchinson of the Trowbridge Cycling Club said the general consensus among members was that any investment in cycling infrastructure is good, however on ‘the other end of the scale it’s a waste of time and money, unfortunately’.

He added that the club and other cyclists were not consulted on the scheme and that it was worrying the cycle lane ‘ends before the road’.

Cllr Edward Kirk said while he is grateful to Wiltshire Council for making improvements, putting in posts instead of just painted lines, he remains concerned about their visibility.

Cllr Bridget Wayman, cabinet member for highways, said: “A road safety auditor has independently assessed the safety of the scheme, and as a result we are adding additional road markings and relocating the first cycle defender to improve safety for both cyclists and motorists.

Wiltshire Council said they have received three complaints about the pop up scheme, which is part of a £227,000 DfT funding scheme to link town centres with homes and workplaces.