Marlborough's Rabley Gallery will be hosting an exhibition by Peter Randall-Page.

This is an exhibition of inspiring new work by one of our most important British sculptors and all the works in this exhibition have been made specifically for the Marlborough gallery

His exhibition is called 'A Little Bit of Infinity' - the way he describes it is as 'an endless line traversing a boundless surface'.

Throughout lockdown, Peter escaped to a cabin in the woods.

Using only hand tools he cared each small sculpture with a continuous line., dividing the stone into two 'territories'.

He carries this tactile linear exploration onto new drawings.

Ink takes to the textured surface of the handmade Indian paper, bleeding and spreading in folded sheet works.

Peter's works are embedded in the landscape and he has made many seminal works including at the Eden Project and the Millennium Seed Bank as well as Newbury Lock.

With this, 'Ebb and Flow' rises and falls with the water levels of the lock to reveal an inner pine cone carved bowl.

Phillip Ball, scientist and author says of Randall Page that "..we seem to find ourslves meeting again and again in the same place: with a fascination for the forms of the natural world, not just for their own sake but as portals to new ways of thinking and feeling."

The exhibition is free and opens from September 20 to October 30. Online booking is open Wednesdays to Saturdays.

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