Sheldon School has been named as a finalist in a carbon reduction competition against schools from across the UK.

The Schools Carbon Challenge 2020 created by Powerful Allies Ltd is designed to help schools reduce their energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions by making cultural changes, adapting equipment, infrastructure and setting up energy monitoring portals.

Sheldon says that it is delighted to have reduced its carbon consumption in the space of just 12 months and, in doing so, claiming a place on the competition’s leader board – netting a £202 prize and trophy.

Tamsin Whinton, energy manager at Powerful Allies said: “It’s no secret that a huge part of a School’s budget goes on keeping the buildings heated and energised.

“Although this is a necessary commodity, we should be aware of the environmental impact of our usage and take responsibility for reducing it where possible.

“We wanted to give the schools the tools they needed so that they have the power themselves to make an ongoing and long-lasting change towards a greener future, whilst also helping their budgets.

“We’ve been delighted with the result of the 2020 competition and are now introducing an ongoing Schools Carbon Challenge initiative for our school clients going forward, using some exciting new carbon monitoring technology.”

Staff and students were encouraged to play their part, with some schools dedicating their existing environmental groups or setting up new groups to help the cause.

Sheldon headteacher, Neil Spurdell said: “We are very proud of our commitment and focus in recent years on the environment.

“Students have set up their own eco council and are continuing to work on reducing our carbon consumption even further.”

The glass trophy is to be displayed in the school’s trophy cabinet and the cash prize will go towards future eco-friendly projects.