Our Pet of the Week this week is Pepper, a seven-year-old black and white collie who's been part of the Dearden family's life for six years.

Mum Sarah said they took her on from someone who didn’t have the space and time to devote to her energetic ways, and said: "Pep is a massive part of our family, she is my 10-year-old son Oliver’s best friend, they do everything together.

"Pep is so sweet and kind natured, well trained and is a very good girl, she loves a cuddle and a tickled belly. Pep can be so funny, she is human like in her ways, she was always swimming in Oliver's swimming pool so we got her her own one and she is often laid in it cooling down.

"Pep loves the sea and will go for a swim and roll on the sand, if it's thunder and lightening or fireworks she goes to my room and gets under my duvet until it’s all gone."

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