HERE are some of the views expressed by readers on our Facebook page to stories published this week.

Last weekend, environmentalists were shocked following a clean up operation of a short stretch of the River Biss through Trowbridge town centre.

Jason Bartlett: Well done to all that took part, it's shocking what people throw in the river.

Jody Hawkes: Supermarkets need to do more to stop their trolleys leaving their premises. Sick to death of seeing Tesco’s trollies littered all across Trowbridge.

Robert Maultby: Well done for everyone involved in the clear up. I saw them clearing it myself and it was shocking to see what they had removed... Hope it stays clean, but I have my doubts.

Debbie Rose: Well done to you all just a shame you've got to do it in the first place people have no respect for anything anymore.

Steve Green: Environmental health ought to be compulsory national curriculum subjects in primary school. That way the future generation should clean up our act!

Alan Morris: Perhaps if recycling centres were easier to access ( appointment and closed for days) there MAY be less rubbish fly-tipping throughout the county!

We also covered the meeting held with Wiltshire Council to fix the chaos caused by the traffic lights on Bradford on Avon's town bridge. And the petition started to get rid of the traffic lights and barriers from the town.

Sue Fussell: Make people walk one-way one then one way other easy no traffic build up on bridge.

Linda Wickham: Good to hear our two independent councillors talking sense. A pity not so Ideal Bradford are not listening to them. Keep going Mike and Laurie!

Marny Thompson: Just puts people off visiting - same for Shaftesbury, they’ve made the centre pedestrian-only. Lots of people cannot walk and so don’t go anymore.

I love visiting BoA - I won’t be back until this gets sorted out - such a shame

Stephen Oswin: Build a footbridge. Hang on they tried that.

Paul Hale: I have never seen anything so stupid if they don’t stop this quickly Bradford is ruined!

Paul Parker: It is simple... make the pavements one way either side of the bridge, remove the traffic lights and barriers...keep the one-way system... perfect. Simples.

Sandra Holt: We had the same traffic chaos in Staple Hill near Bristol. Less than two weeks it was taken away again.

Barny Powell: Bypass in the agenda? Bridge was made for horses and people so polluted anyway just an opinion.

Hilary Fairbrother: Couldn’t plan a Sunday lunch!

Robert Corby: Also, sack whoever came up with this stupid, poorly thought out idea...

£30,000!?!? Four signs at either side and end of the bridge saying one way for pedestrians and a few signs for cars saying to expect more pedestrians trying to cross the road. There, I've saved them £29,500.

We also interviewed the mum of Ryan Nelson, one of the young men who tragically died in the A4 crash.

Gillian Clancy: So tragic every parent dreads this RIP young men and healing to the families friends communities.

Sally Cleaver: Every parent’s nightmare.

Sharon Watters: Love you Ryan forever in our hearts your be missed forever by family and friends lots love auntie Sharon and cousin William.

Krystin Gregory-Smith: Just heartbreaking on all levels.

A Calne dad said he was the victim of a witch hunt as he faced eviction from his flat.

Lucy Temp Peel: Some has and even councils will take sides in disputes tbf. More commonly they'll use empty threats to intimidate vulnerable people though. Hope all involved are being supported.

Steve Goral: Have they kicked him out without any kind of evidence? Surely they need proof.

Dennis Nellany: Thought there was a rent and eviction amnesty due to Covid-19?