Families who Calne who have created a rock caterpillar to symbolise community spirit during the coronavirus emergency have been alarmed to see some are being taken away.

Police are investigating the disappearance of the painted rocks from School Road near the North End play park and have joined a campaign to make the caterpillar a permanent fixture in the town.

PCSO Mark Cook of the Calne Neighbourhood Police Team said: “The Calne community caterpillar, nicknamed Rocky is a wonderfully colourful community project which has attracted a large number of residents, and children to add their own painted stones bringing some much needed fun during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"It was a great shame to be informed that several of the stones have been removed and not returned. Please do not remove any of the stones. If you have taken a stone, please return it, so we can make Rocky the longest community rock snake in Wiltshire, or the South West.

"The local resident who inspired the Calne community caterpillar was deeply saddened that stones have been removed. Since this happened she has been advised to contact Calne Town Council and other relevant agencies to seek the necessary permissions to have Rocky made a more permanent feature in Calne.

"I will also add my support to this where I can, as taking part in art actives like this can be a great help for those who suffer from adverse mental health conditions during difficult times. Hopefully we can achieve this as it will allow future generations to see how our local community came together to bring some much needed bright colours to challenging times.”

If you would like to support having Rocky made a more permanent feature comment on the Calne Police Facebook page.