Old soldier Wayne Cherry has been stopped in his tracks on his long march to commemorate VJ day by a pressure sore on his foot.

But Mr Cherry, who was planning on walking 75 miles by doing circuits of Devizes, is not giving up on his fundraising and will instead be in The Brittox from 10am to 12.30pm each day until Friday.

He said after completing day four of his seven day mission: "James Garven, Kennett SSAFA rep joined me to complete three circuits which was great.

"However, during my fifth circuit, my foot became sore, once home, checked my feet and wasn't best happy with an offending toe, pressure sore under the nail meant a trip to the docs to get it lanced and told no more tabbing for a few days, to prevent infection risk. Gutted!

"I refuse to give up and will honour my promise to raise funds for SSAFA which leaves me with only one option, that is to sit in the Brittox for the period I would have been walking, so I will be outside Nero's between 10:00am and 12:30 from tomorrow through to Friday.

"To all those who planned to walk with me may I apologise, I fully intend to complete the final 35 miles, however, my foot has to be fit before I continue."