AN online art exhibition that showcases the positive impact of creativity on mental health will raise money for a charity dealing with the effects of stress, anxiety and depression.

Art Meets Mind, which is being streamed on Facebook on August 15, has been organised by Harley Street Wellness Centre, Living Life Stress Free. It will feature mental health organisations such as Living Mind UK and Sangeet Foundation to raise awareness of art therapy in mental health.

Donations from the free event will go to mental health charity Ipsum, a Swindon-based group that uses art and music therapy and creative writing to complement professional counselling.

Ipsum CEO Julie Mattinson said: “This event is an exciting opportunity to highlight the importance of Art and it’s positive impact on our mental health.”

Living Life Stress Free CEO Dr Sarmila Sinha said the event will be exhibiting work by Indian artist Bappy Sinha, who she discovered on Facebook, and others. It will also feature artists in conversation with psychiatrists about how a creative outlet can improve mental health and reduce stress and anxiety.

Dr Sinha said: “We are really pleased to be supporting Ipsum and we hope that the artwork and the conversation will inspire people. In these difficult times as we battle with the pandemic people’s mental health issues are more profound and we hope this event will highlight some useful support.

“I hope Art Meets Mind will be a ray of hope for artists who are going through a tough time right now.”

Living Life Stress Free provides one-to-one consultations, treatments and mindfulness-based coaching for stress and anxiety.

Dr Sinha is also a best-selling author and motivational speaker on stress, resilience, improving relationships and achieving optimal health. In 2019 her book An Expert Guide to Stress Management became a number one best seller on Amazon Kindle. in Waterstones and on Amazon.

The event will be streamed from 4pm on August 15 and can be found by searching Living Life Stress Free UK on Facebook.

More details at or on 0845 4670661.