A TROWBRIDGE town councillor says he's "shocked" by the litter left in Lambrok Brook.

Cllr Tom Bazan led a team of 12 litter pickers to help clear rubbish and vegetation around Lambrok Brook.

He said: "We spent around 90 minutes clearing the brook of various detritus. "Amongst the things we recovered were four tyres, a traffic cone, a scooter and even a DVD player plus other things.

"We collected seven bags worth of rubbish too.

Some of the other items found included bricks, hot glue gun, clothing, turtle soft toy, wood, spring, guttering, bike frame, concrete and much more.

"It was really shocking seeing the amount of rubbish that had been dumped into the brook and goes to show how some people have a total lack of respect for the local environment, it needs to stop.

"The rubbish collected today was outrageous for one simple reason, these could not have been accidental.

"Rubbish collected on the streets are usually bottles and wrappers. These could have fallen out of pockets or bins and been blown around.

"The rubbish collected today however, would have had to been intentionally dumped! This is appalling and must stop.

"I was also alarmed at the condition of the footbridge as well, it has been vandalised and it's not in a very good condition. This will need an urgent repair.

"I contacted the farmer as it goes into his land and he said it’s the responsibility of Wiltshire Council. I will get in touch with them in due course."

Cllr Bazan is planning another litter pick in September.