NEWS that a cake factory on the Hopton Industrial Estate in Devizes has been hit by coronavirus attracted thousands of views on our websites this week. With many people having an opinion on everything from Government reaction to the virus to how businesses react if they suffer an outbreak.

Another controversial subject in Devizes are the gulls that plague the same industrial estate and make the lives of people living nearby a misery. They are kept awake by the noise and get fed up with cleaning up the mess.

But not everyone agrees the right decision is to cull them by taking their eggs in the spring.

Here is what you said on the coronavirus outbreak at Bakkavor.

William Price: The spread of coronvirus with outbreaks resulting in many required to isolate which can mean losing pay, many people getting ill, many people suffering from long terms effects, people having such serious illness that requires an ITU stay and possible deaths is something that we should not be accepting.

There is an alternative. Follow Scotland’s lead and have a policy of elimination of the virus. This would be better for everyone and we could all get back to work without the danger of catching a deadly virus or having to isolate for two weeks with loss of pay.

This government promised a world class test and trace system. They failed and now we are all left to suffer from their incompetence. This government promised PPE, they failed to deliver despite giving £1bn to dubious firms and health care staff have died from their incompetence.

Bob Richardson: What I really don’t get about the UK is how secretive they keep being. What possible benefit is it for the company to refuse to say how many people have tested positive for Covid? It’s the same secret mentality that is leading this country straight into a second wave... There are nurseries in Swindon that are infected, we have outbreaks in 5 or 6 businesses at least in the town, and barely any of this is being reported or stated. We know because different people in the town are experiencing this and telling their friends - so why keep it a secret. The council should be asking for a lockdown, but due to either incompetence or dishonesty, they are spending more time covering it up and downplaying it. If they were honest, and requested government help, and locked down the town, the second wave could largely be contained. Instead we have this nonsense.

Terradat: When will someone in authority have the guts to say what the common factor is thats causing these outbreaks of Covid in Royal mail, Iceland XPO, TS Tech and now Bakkavor ?

In Devizes the town council and Wiltshire Councillor Laura Mayes want people fed up with squawking gulls to band together to try and get Natural England to grant a licence that would allow gulls’ eggs to be taken from nests after the organisation refused to allow the cull to take place.

Robin Blue Wig: Just as bad in Chippenham with those gulls . It’s about time the council did something about it .

Philer: Once again, council effectively useless..year after year, same old problem, misery for thousands of people..year after year no action..sort it out

Devizesfan: The council did act. It is Natural England who stopped the programme to reduce the number of gulls.

Ruman Stimulant: People have nothing to worry about apart from some seagulls making a bit of a noise. They suggest the solution is to kill them, words fail me

Jessie Lake: The number of people who took this survey is not equivalent to the number of people wanting to kill animals - I took the survey saying they were no inconvenience and they shouldn’t be culled.

How sad do you have to be that you are genuinely worried about some birds because they’re a little bit inconvenient?

I’d wager a bet that anyone who wants these seagulls dead for the minor inconveniences they’ve caused (life’s not perfect, get over it) have caused way more harm being in this world than some birds.

Don’t have humans being culled for their problem making do we.