CHIPPENHAM jeweller Tamara Eggleston has had a Eureka moment.

She had to cancel her silver jewellery making workshops due to lockdown back in March.

So she has invented a home jewellery making kit to keep her business going.

She says she has been affected as the shops she sold through also had to close.

"I was speaking to one of my customers about how upset she was about missing my workshops, she said she was so desperate to make some jewellery. That was alight bulb moment for me!" she said.

Tamara has been a jeweller using traditional silver smithing techniques for over 20 years, and runs Barking Hen Jewellery. "I have designed the kit to include everything you need create to a beautiful bracelet.

"All silver plated and sourced from reputable UK suppliers. The semi-precious stones have been specially selected for their spiritual properties, representing creating a sense of personal zen."