A two-year-old blew up his mum's kitchen when he put an aerosol can in the microwave.

Wiltshire firefighters tackled the blaze at the home in Essex Square, Harnham, near Salisbury at midday yesterday.

They managed to put the blaze out before it spread to the rest of the smoke-filled house. No one was hurt.

A fire service spokesman said: The fire was started by an aerosol can being placed in the microwave by a two-year-old and the microwave switched on. This caused an explosion. Fortunately no one was hurt in the fire and everyone had evacuated the property before the fire service arrived.

This incident has highlighted several safety precautions to consider with regards to the kitchen, especially a kitchen where a young child may have access.

All electrical appliances should be out of the reach of children. This also includes cookers, hobs or anything that presents a burn or heat risk.

Try not to store flammable liquids or objects near a source of ignition and keep them out of reach of children.

If possible keep very young children out of the kitchen until they are able to understand the potential dangers.

Consider smoke alarms and make an escape plan in case a fire does occur.''