A GROUP of students at Bath University have begun an online campaign to raise cash for the Chippenham-based Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, as part of their coursework.

The aim is to raise money which the charity will use to lobby big business to persuade them to stop exploiting whales in commercial captivity.

Student William Jago explained: "This brilliant charity in Chippenham has made great changes in supporting cetacean rights and ocean conservation, they have stopped Virgin Holidays from selling Seaworld tickets and are planning for more holiday and cruise companies to not sell tickets to these barbaric entertainment parks.

"The times we live in are difficult and are filled with uncertainty, so we attempted to grasp the comparison of lockdown to the constant captivity orcas and dolphins

"Our campaign is oriented around social media, on Facebook it's called Endless Lockdown and on Instagram it's Endless_Lockdown, additionally, we have a Weibo (Chinese platform) page to reach a new audience. Also we have an online pub quiz early next month."

The six Masters students are working on their MSc in International Management, and have been partnered with the WDC so that instead of writing a dissertation they can do something ‘hands on’, through fundraising and compiling a company report.

"From the very beginning we have been so pleased to help raise money and awareness for this amazing charity as they make a real impact to change a barbaric system," William added.

To donate to their fundraiser, go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/end-captivity