Phil Webb reckons he may have grown the tallest echiums in the county.

The huge plants, measuring more than 14ft 4.5ins are in the front garden of his home in Downs View, Bradford on Avon.

The 70-year-old 70, said: “The last time I measured them, they were 14ft 4.5 inches high.

“They’re in full flower and are absolutely covered by bees. They are swarming all over them.”

Mr Webb has two in his garden and there are a couple more at a house two doors away.

“They re-seeded about two years ago and are on the corner of the pavement.The ones I have are almost as tall as our house,” said Mr Webb, who lives with his wife Marian, 68.

The tallest echiums recorded grew to a height of 19-20ft, so Mr Webb’s plants still have some way to go.

This species is the biennial echium pininana, commonly known as the tree echium.

It is native to the Canary Islands, particularly La Palma.