YOUNGSTERS at Chirton School, near Devizes, held their annual Race for Life despite coronavirus restrictions.

They dressed in pink and ran in their bubbles called Joy, Faith, Courage and Preschool Pips to raise money for Cancer Research.

Head Anna Woodman said: “We competed hundreds of laps of the school field in socially distanced relay teams, with everyone taking part.

“The smiles, laughter, clapping, cheering supported the extraordinary efforts everyone made as running, jogging, skipping and walking athletes.

“We did warm up routines with Miss Emily Storey, our wonderful PE colleague from Lavington School getting us all race ready, and then we set off at pace. There were medals and three big cheers for everyone.”

The village school has been holding its own version of the Race For Life for several years after a number of people close to the school community were affected by the disease.