A Warminster woman has been reunited with her beloved moggies following a blaze at her home in May.

Jo Walker, 50, was badly burned and suffered severe leg injuries after she was forced to jump from an upstairs window when an unguarded tealight set fire to the bedroom of her home in Boreham Field.

Her two tabbies Baby and Bear were rescued by local fire crews and Baby was resuscitated with oxygen from a Smokey Paws unit.

With Mrs Walker in hospital in Bath, her sister Teresa Donaldson contacted Cats in Distress at Berkley near Frome with a plea to help the cats and keep them safe until Jo had recovered.

The charity stepped in to give them bed and board until Mrs Walker had recovered. There were tears when Jo was finally reunited with Baby and Bear a month later.

Jo said: “I was crying and the lady from Cats in Distress was crying. It was a very emotional reunion.

“I didn’t get any sleep the night before they came back. I was like a kid at Christmas.

“The two cats were meowing like mad to get out of their carriers. They were dying to jump on me. It was so lovely.”

Ginny Parratt, of Cats in Distress, said: "This isn’t something the charity would normally provide but with the country in crisis, a call to help an animal couldn’t be ignored."

After being kept inside for two weeks, the cats have now settled into Mrs Walker’s temporary home at Springhead in Sutton Veny.

Work on repairing her home at Boreham Field is just about to start and is likely to take several weeks to complete.