IT might not quite be the Great British Bake-Off but pupils in lockdown found they were a dab hand at cooking and now have produced a book to prove it.

Youngsters who go to Bishops Cannings primary, near Devizes, found they loved baking and sharing pictures. The craze quickly spread to all age groups.

So admin officer Rose Rossi came up with the idea of creating the Bishops Cannings School Lockdown Cook Book and collated recipes.

Chairman of the governors Caroline Martin said: “Back in March when schools closed to all but key worker and vulnerable families, it soon became clear that one of the favourite pastimes many of our school families turned to was baking.

“Many families began sharing photos of their children baking on their class web pages, on the school Facebook and Twitter pages.

“The book contains over 50 delicious recipes from the whole school community.” The book will be sold for £5.99 to cover costs.