Children from Freshford and nearby have painted rainbow-coloured rocks to add to a growing art project on the village’s Tyning field, organised by local artist Annabel Menheneott.

“The first stones were laid on VE Day and the rainbow is nearing completion,” said Annabel.

“Once we started, it became clear that the project was giving a real focus to families at a time when normal schedules had disappeared.”

Local children have enjoyed both creating and visiting the sculpture.

Felix, aged five said: “I like to play at the rainbow, it’s a happy place.”

Annabel said that the art project has transcended ages and have given the youngest and oldest passersby a positive message.

“The project has reminded me the powerful nature that art can have, especially when placed in public spaces,” she said.

Drummond, 9, said: “I’ve never done a community art project before.

“It’s really fun to count how many stones there are every time we go to drop off more. It’s growing every day.

“It reminds me of the poem ‘Catch A Rainbow’ by Brian Whittingham that we learnt at school and that makes me smile.”

The project even inspired Lavinia, 7, to write a poem: “Over the field, not so far away, the rainbow in Freshford makes us smile every day.”

Catch A Rainbow by Brian Whittingham

If I could catch a Rainbow

I’d hang it round your shoulders.

A rainbow scarf.

Its pot of gold

next to the beat of your heart

If I could catch a rainbow

I’d make

rainbow puddles.

For you to splash colour

wherever your steps may take you.

If I could catch a rainbow

I’d turn it upside down.

A rainbow rocking bed

to let you float to a land of bliss,

drift safe on dozing dreams.

If I could catch a rainbow.