EXTINCTION Rebellion protesters have collected signatures on a large scroll with climate demands to local MP Danny Kruger.

Members of Extinction Rebellion Devizes and Marlborough took to Marlborough Town Hall steps on the same day that the Climate Change Committee published its annual report, as part of a nationwide action day.

The group had a large scroll of all the messages that they are ‘screaming’ needs to happen, such as not taking economic decisions that ‘will lock us into higher emissions in longer-term’ and to not use public money to support industry ‘that isn’t compatible with a net-zero economy’.

Spokesman for the group, Jo Ripley said: “We didn’t expect many because of people still keeping distance.

“We’re so running out of time, is the message which we will give to Danny Kruger.

“We’re beyond the need for urgent action.

“We’re reaching climate tipping point and we’ve got to be so fast in reducing emissions.”

Jo said that top of the list would be to stop subsidising fossil fuels and ‘all the obvious areas’ about supporting sustainable and nature-friendly farming and renewable energy.

“We’ve got lots of messages and many of them about the importance of restoring our biodiversity, stopping the destruction of nature,” she added.

“It’s interlinked in the climate emergency – the need to restore nature – because there’s so many good things that can come about from that.

“But also giving us the means to mitigate the impact of carbon from climate change.

“We’re getting big warnings from scientists in the World Met Office really worried about what’s happening and it is all happening so much faster than they had thought.”

The protest was held on the day that the Climate Change Committee published its annual report, which Jo stated shows ‘the government is not on track’, adding:

“The target is reaching net zero and we’ve got to have far steeper reductions, but also the fact that there doesn’t seem to be the commitment from the government.”