GREAT Bedwyn Primary School near Marlborough is now able to welcome back all its pupils.

Principal Michelle Perrett said: "It was lovely to invite the remainder of the children back to school this week. Reception, Year 1, 6 and children of key workers have been back since the beginning of June but this was the turn of the other year groups.

"Although we appreciate how hard everyone has been working at home we felt that all the children deserved some face to face school contact not just those year groups the government determined.

"Although unable to offer full hours for everyone we are pleased to be able to offer all year groups sessions in school. All children will be engaged in some English and Maths activities, but there is a greater focus on the social and emotional development following the lockdown as this is an area that could have the greatest negative impact long term on their well-being.

"The staff have worked incredibly hard to establish alternative teaching spaces as we have had to increase the number of class 'bubbles’, from seven to 13. They plan for children in school as well as keeping the home schooling going for some, and at 2pm everyone works as a team to steam clean or sanitise resources and the school.

"The school is once again abuzz with chatter and laughter, and there are smiles from children and staff alike. It is a pleasure to be open more fully again.

Comments from parents include:"My daughter is absolutely thrilled to be coming into school next week - it’s made her week!” and “It’s amazing that you are being so proactive about getting as many children back as you can. Please know we are extremely grateful.”