Thieves steal cash

TWO men who stole cash from someone using the cash machine at the Co-op on Blackmore Road, Melksham, are being hunted by police. The theft happened on the morning of June 2, when one offender distracted the person withdrawing cash and a second man then snatched the money as it emerged from the machine. Both men then ran off. Police are checking CCTV from the store and the area to see if the theft was captured on camera.

Bonnet damaged

A MAN was seen jumping up and down on the bonnet of a car parked on Asquith Avenue, Melksham, around 8.30pm on Saturday, damaging the bodywork. He has been interviewed by police, who say they believe he was drunk at the time.

Smash not grab

A WEAPON – possibly a beer bottle – was used when a yob smashed in the front passenger window of a car parked on Pennine Close, Melksham, between June 12-15. Nothing was stolen from inside the vehicle.

Green vandalism?

GRASS cuttings, wood and branches were found in and around a car parked on Dorset Crescent, Melksham, when the front drivers side window was smashed on June 15. Police say they believe the window was smashed as an act of criminal damage and not as the result of an accident.

Smashing time

EGGS were thrown all over a car which had been left parked overnight on June 15 on Hurricane Road, Bowerhill.

Bikes recovered

POLICE have recently recovered a number of push bikes from an address in Trowbridge and suspect these may be unreported stolen items. If you have had a bike stolen please review the images on the Trowbridge Police Facebook page or go to Trowbridge police station when the enquiry office is open on weekdays only.

Thieving spree

POLICE have seen an increase in shoplifting and shed break-ins. People are urged to protect their property.