OFF-ROAD motor bikers are being warned that if they break the law by riding dangerously and illegally they will be dealt with by Wiltshire Police.

It follows large numbers of riders with off-road motorcycles and quad bikes gathering on the plain around the Upavon and Everleigh areas. Three vans were seized and impounded.

Sgt James Osment said: "We dealt with a number of riders and drivers yesterday who were causing a nuisance around parts of Salisbury Plain by riding uninsured vehicles with no MOTs.

"This type of anti-social behaviour is not only dangerous but illegal and won't be tolerated by us nor the local community. The message to anyone who comes here and rides illegally is that we will deal with you and seek to prosecute you.

"Our job is to protect the community we serve and we will do that by enforcing the law around the illegal use of these machines.

"This isn't us being killjoys, we are happy for people to ride on the legal byways, so long as the motorbikes are taxed, MOT'd and insured."