A MARLBOROUGH design company has stumbled into success in the exotic boutique gin world - by drawing on inspiration from time in Africa.

Niels and Emma Van Gijn have built their agency around doing design and branding work for safari camps, and a recent branch out into creating labels for drinks manufacturers Ramsbury sparked an idea.

Now they have launched in to partnership with a gin maker to brand and label their own gin, which is now being sold in some of London's top restaurants.

"I am Dutch, so my name isn't actually pronouced like 'gin''" said Niels. "But it is quite fun all the same. We used to live in Botswana, so our design work is very influenced from there."

The gin, and the design company, Silverless, are both named after the Marlborough's Silverless Street where they live.

"We really believe in the power of a good image and of quality design," said Niels. "We stand out with our bottles, which is why we are being successful I think. It is also great, as a designer, to be able to run free with your own ideas too."

Silverless is a single-estate London Dry gin, distilled in extremely small batches with baobab, orris root, orange & lemon peel. Every bottle has a unique, hand-beaded collar made by Masai women and is hand-sealed and wrapped.