POSTAL workers swapped their usual red uniforms for something rather more exotic on Friday when they turned into everything from super heroes to film characters.

The team from Chippenham was raising money for Wiltshire Health and Care which is working hard during the coronavirus emergency to keep community services across the county running.

Postal worker Joe Hylands said: “A total of 28 of us took part, we have raised more than £500. We had a great day raising money for Wiltshire Health and Care.

“Thank you to all the lovely customers who donated, and to the posties who dressed up and donated too.”

A number of people were a bit surprised to see characters such as Marvel’s scary Deadpool doing the rounds while others such as a Harry Potter look alike and a giant bee also gained attention.

A number took to Facebook to thank the posties for brightening up their day.

Wiltshire Health and Care said: “This was just amazing. Thank you all so much - you looked fabulous.

“We are an NHS partnership formed by the three local Foundation Trusts which serve Wiltshire: Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust and Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

“We are responsible for the delivery of adult community health services in Wiltshire from July 2016, for at least the next 5 years.

“We have a long term plan for services and know we can only achieve our aims by forming effective partnerships with GPs, primary care, social services, our acute partners, mental health services, the voluntary sector and engaging with the people of Wiltshire.” Go to