The Club’s March session was in two parts. The first was a presentation by member Larry Emmerson while the second was a demonstration set up by member Phil Leach.

Larry presented a paper on the basics to consider when photographing anything. The talk provided many good ideas on composition, rules, hints and tips for good photography and many more ideas that will help produce photographs rather than snapshots. The key message was that it was not the camera that mattered as much as the techniques for good photography that really does provide worthwhile results. The talk proved very popular and some members produced their recent work and asked for a critique based on Larry’s talk.

The second part was a set up arranged by Phil Leach to capture the shape created by a droplet entering the surface of a liquid, nicknamed Splash. This was a very complex set up and required cameras, special lighting equipment, stands etc. Three methods of capturing high speed photography were demonstrated and members were invited to try out each method to discover the best for them to capture the moment the droplet struck the surface of the water. Room lights had to be turned off for the photography and this made the task even more challenging. Despite all of the difficulties encountered several good shots were obtained by members.

The demonstration attracted much interest and many members requested that this set up is repeated.

If you’re thinking about taking up photography, improving your photos and skills, purchasing new equipment or dusting off old, please feel free to contact us for advice, encouragement and a friendly welcome, no matter what your background or ability. Contact Sonny on 01672 811933 or Mike on 01672 810574 for more details.

For the time being, monthly meetings at the British Legion club have been suspended.