AN artistic couple forced apart by the coronavirus lockdown have used their experiences to create an emotional song.

Touring musician Alex Hall, who is in Chippenham, and his animator partner Eli Sichel, who is in Rome, bridged the gap by collaborating on the music video about life in confinement.

They hope it can show how the pandemic can teach people about love. Alex, who had been due to tour with Bob Geldof this spring, said: “We were unable to know when we would be reunited we poured our emotions to produce a song and animation about a time when lives and relationships are destroyed by the global health emergency.”

Eli had returned to Italy on March 12 and Alex, was meant to follow her at the start of April but the lockdown made it impossible.

Alex lost work as a performer with the Boom Town Rats and Mowtown icon Martha Reeves & The Vandellas.

But he used the time to write Power To Love. The music video will be released today (April 9)on Hall’s