With schools closed to the majority of pupils to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus, parents across Wiltshire have been asked to become instant homeschoolers.

How are they coping with juggling timetables, curricula and coursework - all the while trying to get their own jobs done?

For some parents, it’s been all about maintaining a routine, particularly so for the Lilley family of Hilperton.

“My little boy Lewis is Year 6 and goes to Larkrise special school, “ said Teresa Lilley of St Mary’s Close.

“He has ASD/ADHD and moderate learning disabilities. Lewis needs structure and routine, but I am so proud of the way we are coping!

“He has his visual timetable as he needs to know what’s happening now and what’s next.”

Teresa works from home selling and doing make up and cosmetics. She also has a 14 year old daughter, Izzy, in Year 9 at St Laurence School.

“She has literally taken over my office, and Lewis has a classroom set up in the dining room,” she said.

“I am fortunate enough to work from home anyway, but St Laurence have been brilliant and so supportive with the children.”

Husband Darren, is still going to work as he is a key worker, manufacturing medical supplies for a company in Seend.

He does all the shopping and a fair bit of the cooking and cleaning so Teresa can help Lewis.

“We are doing PE with Joe Wicks every morning and this is great because it not only motivates Lewis it motivates me too and sets us up for a good day.”

Joe Wicks, the fitness instructor and TV presenter, attracted more than 800,000 viewers to his YouTube Channel promising a daily 30-minute workout for kids to start the day.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live he wanted to play a part in reassuring kids that “although this is a weird time, everything is going to be fine, it’s going to return to normal and we’ll be reconnected again”.