Businesses are being urged by the council with unused PPE supplies to donate them for front line NHS workers.

Wiltshire Council called for donations of non-latex gloves, aprons and masks so they can be distributed to provide critical services to vulnerable people.

In a statement, the council said: "It is possible that in stock rooms around the county, businesses may have what we need, but perhaps due to a suspension of business can be directed to those that need it in the council.

"While the item numbers may be low by individual business, they might add up to a significant number across the county.

"We need your help, and would be grateful for any of the items you can provide."

The items the council need are:

· Long sleeved gloves

· Non latex gloves

· Long sleeved fluid repellant gowns

· Aprons

· Fit test solution

· Fit test kits

· FFP3 masks

· Visors

· Goggles

· Type 2 fluid repellant face masks

· Swabbing kits

If you have any of the items below and can spare them for the delivery of social care, contact stating what you have, where the items are and how they may be collected or delivered to a council hub.