David Hatherell, Managing Director of the Chippenham Pit Stop, a trucker's refuge off the M4, has said: "When the nation raises a cheer for its thousands of heroic medics, people might also spare a thought for its mostly over fifties band of truckers, the unsung heroes who spend days on the road delivering the nations, food and all other essential supplies.

"They are working under circumstances growing more difficult by the day and need all the help and support they can get.

“Now, with our restaurant closed to normal service in the struggle against the spread of Coronavirus, we are offering drivers the opportunity of ordering meals for delivery to their cabs and if anyone is self- isolating and doesn’t want to leave their vehicles, they can call us and we’ll do all we can to help, including delivering a meal, water, and any other essential supplies they might need,

"The Pit Stop’s spotless toilets and showers remain open while some others around the motorway network, including food outlets, have closed, which is making life even more difficult for drivers.

“Truckers are largely unappreciated by motorists but are now needed more than ever, so we are doing all we possibly can to support them."

Rhys Williams, Regional Operations Manager Midlands and Western for the Road Haulage Association, said: "The Chippenham Pit Stop has already set the industry benchmark when it comes to customer care.

“I would urge all other trucker facility operators around the motorway network to follow their lead if they are not already doing so."

In normal circumstances, the Chippenham Pit Stop offers lower calorie meals and free blood pressure and carbon monoxide tests in association with Wiltshire Health Trainers. It also runs monthly awareness campaigns, drawing attention to illnesses most likely to affect those spending long hours behind the wheel and how best to counter them.

The facility, just off Junction 17 is used by hundreds of truckers during the day and for parking up overnight and has already gained a reputation for going the extra mile when it comes to customer care.