WHILST some independent stores are closing their doors others are trying to keep theirs open even if they have to use a closed door policy.

Some are enjoying a roast from a takeaway box while others are unable to stay open, independent shops are being positive while having to adapt to the effects of the cornavirus.

When the Wiltshire Times spoke to shops on Saturday. Here is what they had to say:

Adam Glass co-partner of the Farmhouse in Southwick said: “We had lots of sittings booked but from yesterday cancellations went right down. Now everyone who cancelled has been offered takeaway for Mother’s Day.

“We didn’t want to let people down because we care about them. We were packed last night after the announcement till 10pm. People wanted to get a last drink in.

“We would like to thank everyone for their business and to see them soon in the not so distant future.

His daughter Megan works at the pub part-time had to find alternative work as well as well as deal with her University closing.

She said: “I blinked and everything was shut. I’m in my second year at Bath Spa and it has been closed with classes moving online. I don’t really do tech very well but it could be worse especially for those in third year. I’m offering help for kids as I’m studying primary teaching.”

Absolutely Fabulous Flowers in Trowbridge is shutting its doors from Monday.

Owner Natalie Spillings said: “We’re going to keep running but we’re not sure how many flowers we can get ordered. But we’re still doing telephone orders. It is concerning but hopefully we will be able to open back up and start again. We have to ride the storm.”

While some charity shops have shut others remain open with Mercy In Action in Trowbridge still taking customers.

Tulo Thompson-Price manager of the store said: “It’s been quite quiet so I think we should be closing soon. I’m trying not to be worried. Some of our regulars haven’t been in because they are older and a lot are run by older people too.

“If you have a trickle of shops still open people will congregate in that area so we should all quarantine. But the economy will take a beating. It’s so sad for small businesses. Loads of people have been coming in for board games. Otherwise we will grind to a halt.”

Nicole Gaisford from Kingstons Estate Agents are remaining positive and will be staying open.

She said: “We’re breaking down into two teams so one in the office while the other is out doing viewings to minimise contact.

“We’re staying open until we’re told not to. People still need to buy and sell and still need to move but we’re doing it sensibly. We’re minimising what we’re doing to do as much damage limitation. But as much as we can manage but still function as a business.”

The Little White Duck Sandwich shop are adapting by offering takeaway only.

Owner Neil Brownrigg said: “I’m a one man band but it’s got to be done. Everyone is waiting for the grant money from the council. Hopefully we will get letters in the post soon.

“It’s good that the government is backing us not just for the short-term but long to reduce the number of people mixing. My stock has been affected so restricting what people get would be a weight off my back.”