PUPILS from Corsham Primary School, got the chance to challenge and stretch their problem solving skills, as part of National Science Week, on Friday 13.

All pupils received a tailored session that links to their current science learning and worked with ambassadors from MOD Corsham, to expand their learning, engagement and knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics within the wider world.

“We are delighted to welcome MOD Corsham onto both our sites to widen our children’s STEM learning," said Lindsay Fry, Head of School at the Pound Pill site.

Squadron Leader Chris Skilton, from Defence Digital at MOD Corsham, said: “STEM is a massive part of what makes the UK Armed forces work. We use technology in almost everything we do. Hopefully we can deliver some enjoyable sessions that help inspire the next generation of engineers, mathematicians, scientists and alike…but it’s mainly about having some fun.”