RAISING money for local charities has always been at the heart of the Chippenham Lions, a community group who have raised money for and supported over 40 local charities and deserving individuals in the past year.

The charity was awarded the money through the housebuilder’s Community Champions initiative, where charities and groups can apply for funding up to the value of £1,000.

Jeff Daws, from Chippenham Lions, said: “We are thrilled that Persimmon Homes has chosen to back our fundraising efforts, for what are very worthy causes. The £1,000 donation from Persimmon Homes ,Wessex will help deliver a charity events this year.

“As a group we raise money for local charities, including: Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Dorothy House Hospice and Julia House Hospice, together with more than 30 smaller charities.

“Our events require hiring venues, entertainment, promotion and other costs, so £1,000 is greatly appreciated.”

Pauline Fletcher, sales and marketing director at Persimmon Homes Wessex, said: “Chippenham Lions are an example of fantastic community spirit, which is what our Community Champions initiative is all about.

“Their fundraising efforts help so many charities right across the region in which we build, so it was our pleasure to help.

“Picking our monthly winners is always a tricky task, but we would encourage any charity or community group in the area to come forward with an application for consideration.”

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