PARENTS at Pewsey Vale School are being told there will be consequences if they decide to remove their children over Coronavirus fears.

The school is has asked Italy ski trip pupils back to school this week, insisting it is following government guidelines, including those on self isolation.

But the school has been accused of acting insensitively and of causing unnecessary worry.

Claire Vevers has a 14 year old son at the school, and she has chosen to remove him from school for a week.

"I am concerned, and have to take precautions as I have my 65 year old mother living at home with us and she relies on breathing with the help of an oxygen tank," she said.

"The school has not handled this well at all. I am not happy to send my son in this week, and informed the school of my decision," she said.

"But they responded by telling me that unless he comes in, there will be consequences. They won't even send him homework."

"I am really concerned - and I don't think this is the way this should have been handled. There are at least two other parents who have also kept their children away.

"Even if the school had decided keep the returning children off as a precaution for a few days and send their homework to them, that would have been more considerate to people."

Twenty eight pupils aged between eight and ten and three staff members were on the week-long trip to the Claviere ski resort in the Piedmont region. They flew in and out of Turin.

The school says it is following Public Health England advice. Head teacher Neil Pritchard has written to parents saying:

"Whilst Italy has now made the decision to shut its international borders, our ski trip to Claviere was in a Category 2 area during the period of the stay, as was the airport that we flew from.

"The advice and guidance we have received from Department of Education this morning (March 10) therefore remains the same that all students and staff can return to school and attend as normal, without the requirement to self-isolate at home unless they develop any symptoms.

"We understand everyone’s concerns regarding the Coronavirus and obviously recognise the importance of keeping our students, staff and the community safe which is why we are working closely with government agencies and following all national guidance."

Some parents with children at the Wilcot Road academy have already said the trip should have been cancelled saying the decision was 'irresponsible.'