LEADING observer, author and commentator on new green technologies, Chris Goodall, will be speaking in Chippenham about the importance of a zero-carbon future for our planet.

Nikki Jones, chairman of meeting organiser Avon Needs Trees, which is fighting to plant more trees along riverbanks in north Wiltshire, said: “This is a great opportunity to come and learn more about where we are in our transition to a zero-carbon future, and what else needs to happen.”

Nikki added: “This is a new charity that is close to buying 34 acres of land known to locals as Hazeland, near Calne, which will be used to plant and rewild the area, the main aim of this being to create new permanent forest, improve biodiversity and give better natural flood management. We are also looking to preserve 10 acres of neglected woodland along the River Marden.”

“So far we have raised £290,000 for the project and we need to find a further £40,000.

“The charity is already being approached about other sections of land. This is at least a 20-year programme to really make an impact on our catchment area and help improve our flood resilience.

“We have almost no woodland in the Avon catchment area, just a few per cent of land cover. Stopping and slowing water flowing into our rivers is essential, and trees are the best way to do this. At the same time, we help our wildlife and lock up carbon.

“Tree planting is one part of Chris’s plan, and we’re really pleased to be hosting him in Chippenham, giving us all an opportunity to ask questions and debate these issues.

“On our own, there is little we can do in the face of climate change and our biodiversity crises. However, together we can make an impact, we can change our world.”

Chris, the author of Ten Technologies to Save the Planet, said: “We are in an energy revolution, but we all need to move now. We need new technologies, more community energy, changes in consumer behaviour and changes in the way we manage land.”

“It will be a privilege to come and swap ideas on how we achieve progress on carbon emissions.”

The talk at the Town Hall is on March 31 at 7pm and tickets are £5. All profits from the evening will go towards Avon Needs Trees.

For more information on the talk and the project visit Avon Needs Trees at www.avonneedstrees.org.uk/