RESIDENTS in Trowbridge are calling for a block of flats to be knocked down after putting up with more than 18 months of repair works.

Some of the nine tenants at the flats in Soprano Way on Castle Mead have raised concerns about the state of the apartment block built by Persimmon Homes.

One tenant, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s like living on a building site. It’s horrendous.

“I haven’t been able to use my bedroom for the past 18 months because it’s so mouldy and damp.

“I could not sleep in there and it’s so cold. It’s causing me a lot of stress. The best thing they can do is to knock the building down.”

The 55-year-old woman says the apartment block walls have cracks and splits, and that windows and flooring have had to be replaced in some flats.

“They are just coming out and filling them with silicone. I want to redecorate but a surveyor has told me not to do anything.

“The contractors say the building has severe subsidence and needs underpinning.

“We have been asking Selwood Housing for over a year to come out and see what is going on but they haven’t sent anyone.”

Tenants also say a communal shed has been demolished because it was falling down and is being rebuilt.

The tenant added: “We have no communal garden or shed and nowhere to put bikes. Everything has to be stored inside the flats.”

Trowbridge-based Selwood Housing said: “We have been working with Persimmon Homes to address a number of problems at our homes in a block of apartments at Soprano Way.

"This has taken a lot longer than we would have liked and we apologise to our customers for the delay and disruption they have experienced.

"An independent structural survey found that the apartment building is structurally safe, but recommended monitoring over time to check the building condition remains the same.

"Following this, some final works have been completed but monitoring will continue for now.

"The survey did find structural issues with the bin and bike store which has been removed by Persimmon. A new bin and bike store is being built and is almost complete.

"Some issues with damp and mould have also been reported. These have now been resolved, with a final visit booked in with one customer for Monday March 2.

"We will be at the Soprano Way apartment building on Monday and are happy to meet customers at this or another time.

"We will also work with Persimmon to make sure our customers are kept better informed," the Selwood Housing spokesman added.

"If any of our customers have any questions or concerns they can contact our development project manager on 01225 715803."