TROWBRIDGE Town Hall’s gallery space is now under the curation of the Court Street Gallery.

The partnership began on February 15, celebrating the work of Trowbridge artist, Maria Van-Tintelen.

Director of the Court Street gallery, in Trowbridge, Jen Hamblin said:" I supported Maria last year as she was the peoples choice 2019. What we’re hoping is that the artists who exhibit here will run workshops too.

"It’s great that creative spaces are supporting each other. It’s amazing everyone has braced the storm to come out and support us. We’re really hoping it will be a lovely partnership of the two galleries so we can support local emerging artists and it’s nice to have this space.

"Also Maria had her first ever exhibition here a year and a half ago so it’s lovely to see her how case her work now.

"It’s been epic getting it all together. It’s a different vibe with a warm environment where people can interact and feel they can get involved."

The group are wearing eye patches to honour glassblowing sculptor from America, Dave Chihuly, who lost his sight in his left eye in a car accident in 1976.

Social engagement officer, Kati Saqui, said: "We’re very keen to work with people within the town. It’s absolutely brilliant spending the day here and shows what the power of art can do, connect, talk and create."

Artist, Maria Van- Tintelen, said: "It’s exciting and a real privilege. It’s a great opportunity for people in Trowbridge to have this support.

"I’ve put a lot of the meaning of my work down to my life journey. So overcoming difficult times and expressing that but I get beautiful work from that. The titles of each work speak for themselves so expressing hopefulness and life changes. The anticipation of good things in a challenging world.

"The process can take weeks or sometimes months of layering.

"It’s vital for communities because schools are taking art out of the curriculum but art was a subject that kept me going to school. There is a wholeness to community spaces where people can create and celebrate exposing their creativity.

"My family are really proud, they see me doing this so if I can do it they can."