SCHOOLBOY eco warrior Joe Brindle is taking his battle against climate change from Devizes to Westminster.

Joe, 17, who is a sixth former at Devizes School is the leader of the school’s climate change group and is a campaigner for the UK Student Climate Network.

Now he has helped launched the campaign group Teach The Future which has formulated legislation entitled the climate emergency education bill which has was written by a professional paid for by crowdfunding.

Next Tuesday he and other campaigners will gather in a parliamentary committee room to launch their bill sponsored by Nadia Whittome, the UK’s youngest MP.

Joe, whose father is vicar of St James’s Church, Devizes, hopes the Bill will be taken forward by Government or become a private members Bill.

He said: “Even if the Bill is not adopted we hope the publicity created will help get the subject noticed by Parliament.”

He is due to appear on BBC Breakfast TV and Good Morning Britain next week so the plan is already working.

Joe helped start Teach the Future to campaign for a sustainable education system, after being inspired by the global school strikes that began in 2018.

He said: “We feel the education system is wasting our time, because we’re facing the biggest issue of our time, and our education isn’t even touching on it.”

Last summer Joe met climate activist Greta Thunberg in Lausanne, Switzerland, and was inspired to follow her example by campaigning for young people to be heard on climate change.

He said: “It was very inspirational and I came back even more determined to make a difference.”

Last week he met David Attenborough at a House of Lords reception. Joe said: “He seemed impressed with what we are doing. I want to be wildlife programme maker so it was amazing to meet him.”

Teach the Future is calling for a government review into how the education system is preparing students for the climate emergency and the ecological crisis.