A row between Wiltshire neighbours about an unsightly mobile home and shipping container has been filmed for Channel 5's The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door.

A cameraman joined a busy public meeting at a community centre in Swindon to capture heated debates about the state of a controversial house and garden on Loxley Drive.

He explained to surprised guests that he was from The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door and asked for permission to film the crowd’s reactions.

A few of the people at the meeting did not wish to appear on camera.

When the shipping container and caravan’s owner Lillie Goddard began to tell her side of the story but had problems with the microphone, the cameraman and an assistant fitted her with their own clip-on mic.

A Channel 5 spokesman said: “The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door is a long-running series looking at a number of disputes and complaints between neighbours.

“If this is featuring in the series, it will likely air later this year, but we aren’t able to confirm any further details about contributors or transmission details at this stage.”

Neighbours claim that Ms Goddard’s additions to her garden break planning regulations. She pledged to remove them within three months.

Swindon Borough Council is investigating.