An East Kennett blacksmith is turning his metal bending talent to the art world.

He is now producing scultpures made from discarded horse shoes, nails and old gas cannisters.

John O'Hara's work is proving so popular that he is now expanding his Ridgeway Forge by hiring his son Liam into the business.,He says the family link is his inspiration.

"I grew up in Rochdale, and my father owned a garage. My Dad taught me to weld, but he died last year, and never saw my forge or this work." he said.

"He was a good painter, so creative. I know he would have loved what I am doing now, and it means a lot to be able to bring Liam in to the business."

John says his next plan is to get together with other artists who also use materials other people throw away, and is looking for gallery and exhibition space in the Marlborough area to show his work off. His sculptures include elegant birds made from pieces of old cutlery to intricate metal roses. See online for more pictures.