Singletons wanting to escape the Valentine's Day bonanza can hole themselves up in a hotel room all to themselves - for a discounted price.

With a romantic hotel stay the second most popular Valentine's Day gift, the promotion from is open to any solo travellers checking in February 14.

Apparently, the promotion is an apology for any disturbance they might endure on Valentine's Day.

Snaptrip co-founder and CEO Matt Fox, said: “Valentine’s Day is all about the couples in the world, but the 14th of February can be incredibly irritating for people who are single by either choice or circumstance.

"We thought it was about time someone did something for the singletons, especially those that may be forced to share a wall with some of their chosen hotel’s more amorous guests!

“It’s a small consolation for being kept up all night, but hopefully our cheeky discount makes solo travellers feel a little bit better about their situation on the most romantic night of the year!”

Solo travellers can register for the one-off discount on their website.