TWO assistant artists have been chosen to work on the art for the George Ward Garden’s exhibition.

It has been organised by Planet Art, which was chosen to run the project.

Artist, Jack Raisey, formerly from Melksham said: “Myself and Jo applied to be support artists for the project which was Planet Art’s idea to mentor less experienced artists.

“It has been absolutely fantastic and I have learnt a lot. They are very giving with their expertise. It was really fun to be part of being a former pupil as it was giving the land a new purpose. Planet Art are very big on public consultation and the influence of the environment area and its history.”

The public art for the development in Melksham has been on show at the Town Hall and the garden will be unveiled in September.

Joanna Mountain- Lawrence, from Lacock, added: “Soon Ron and Julie will be starting to build the project and I’m hoping to assist with some of the process." “I was very flattered and happy to receive the opportunity. My day job involves designing and making various types of sculpture for festivals and events.

I’m currently working on festival projects for audiences of up to 30,000. I have done stuff for Glastonbury in the past. My first public art commission outside of festivals was a temporary installation in the grounds of Orleans House Gallery in Richmond last Summer. My aim is to start creating work with more longevity for public spaces.

We are planning on organising an opening celebration event for the local residents when the sculpture has been installed.

“It’s such a fantastic chance to learn from established artists and gain insight into how the commissioning process works. Ron and Julie from Planet Art have been so generous with their time, knowledge and advice. They really are the perfect mentors and I feel so lucky to have met them.

“We will definitely remain friends after the project and hopefully work together again . It’s also been great getting to know the local town councillors in Melksham who are all such nice people and dedicated to serving their community. It’s very inspiring.”