DIAL M For Murder - Frederick Knott’s classic thriller made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic 1954 film - tours to Bath in a new stage production to Saturday.

Frederick Knott wrote the stage and screenplay for this genre-defining thriller, now directed by Anthony Banks for a UK-wide tour and set in the swinging 60s.

When charismatic and manipulative Tony Wendice, a jaded ex-tennis professional, discovers his wife Margot has been unfaithful, his mind turns to revenge and to committing the ‘perfect crime’.

This intense and mesmeric drama is the ultimate masterclass in suspense, guaranteed to leave audiences riveted with its spine-chilling twists and turns.

Stage and television favourite Tom Chambers, deftly handles the part of duplicitous ex-tennis champion Tony Wendice, particularly when he craftily embroils old school friend Captain Lesgate (Christopher Harper in a dual role) in his complicated plan.

Sally Bretton as his wife Margot makes the most of a relatively small role as his wife, the unsuspecting murder victim, while Michael Salami shines in his role as her American writer lover Max Halliday.

While the first half drags as the plot unfolds, the action picks up in the second half with the arrival of Christopher Harper as Inspector Hubbard, who cleverly ensnares the over-confident would-be killer.

One can't fault the four-strong cast of very experienced actors for their accomplished performances even in the face of technical adversity.

On Tuesday evening, they had to put up with some slightly dodgy lighting and sound effects, with Tony Wendice at one moment answering a telephone that hadn't rung, and lights that came on before they were switched on.

John Baker