North Wiltshire MP James Gray has joined the fight to save the last bank standing in Malmesbury.

The town will soon be left without a single High Street bank after Lloyds Bank announced it will be closing its branch in July.

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Lloyds said they decided to close the bank as transactions had been declining over the past year.

Mr Gray has contacted Lawrence Finkle, group public affairs manage at Lloyds to highlight his opposition to the closures, and stress the need for a long term solution to this problem.

Lloyds will be operating a mobile branch at both locations, and the nearest local Post Offices will also provide banking services.

However, Mr Gray was keen to ensure that these solutions were permanent and that his constituents still had access to the services they need over the next few years.

North Wiltshire MP James Gray has taken up the fight and said: “I was extremely disappointed by the decision because so many people, especially in a rural constituency like North Wiltshire, do continue to rely on their local branches.

“I have already been contacted by a number of constituents about this issue, all of whom, are very concerned about the decision. Therefore, we need to ensure that a viable solution is in place.”