Petitioning residents have forced Marlborough Town Council into a u turn on plans for an access gate into Stonebridge Meadows. More than 20 people from Stonebridge Close turned up to protest against the plans at Marlborough Town Hall's Open Spaces committee on Monday. They forced a back down on joint plans between the council, and conservationist group ARK who jointly own the meadow to create a vehicle access through Stonebridge Close. "We are not against ARK and their work," said Close spokesperson Doreen Davis. "But we live in a quite cul de sac which is safe for children, and the extra traffic and parking which could be caused by this access is not acceptable to us." Fifty five people signed the petition presented to the council, who have now agreed to assess what access rights it has to the meadow from the nearby football club. The petition action was prompted by a consultation call in December.

Councillor Mark Cooper said: "We need to listen to those we ask for opinions in consultation. If we don't, we lose their confidence."