Marlborough High Street was just waking up to business when the accident happened.

And shop keepers and pedestrians still at the scene were still shocked and releived that no one else was hurt.

"School children usually walk past in groups at that time in the morning," said one passer by.

"It could have been utter carnage, we are thanking our lucky stars that this wasn't any worse than it was."

Staff at corner barbershop Downtons had just opened up when they heard the sound of a car accelerating.

Then they heard a bang, and the car was overturned in the lane.

"Ten minutes after we opened, there was a bang and i looked outside the door and there was the car, still spinning a bit with the occupant still inside," said Denise Sawyer, barber.

"We went out but we didn't see how it happened."

Her colleague Ben Phillips often stands on the corner for a break.

"The car came from the other side of the high street and hit the wall and rolled over.

"If the barrier hadn't been there, the car could have hit the shop," he said. "We do see cars roll from the centre there once a month or so, " he said.

"Thank goodness no one was in the area when it happened."

He went straight out to help.

"I helped hold the car up and stabilise it as it was rocking a bit., the car had stalled but there was diesel running out of it."

"They had to help the man out through the sun roof in the end," said Denise. "It is so sad."