At the first session of 2020, we were delighted to welcome two female members to our Club both of whom are very keen on developing their photography skills.

The January session was a workshop on formal portraiture and for this, we were lucky to gain some volunteer models who sat patiently while members tried to discover different angles and lighting techniques to enhance their images.

We used the latest equipment consisting of two LED continuous light sources, lighting stands and reflector boards. Members had the opportunity to try out different lenses and check results produced from each of the lenses they used.

Since the last session in November 2019, our Members have produced several greeting cards and post cards all with images of local sites and these were offered for sale at village outlets. The profits have been donated to worthy community organizations and some to our Club funds. We were very encouraged by the sales and support given by Burbage residents and sincerely hope they will continue to support our work in the future. Some of our work is still for sale at the Village Post Office.

Our next session will be held at 7.30pm on February 18 at the White Hart Public House, High Street, Burbage where we have been invited to demonstrate our photographic skills. If you wish to take part in this session as a photographer or a model, please do let us know.

Our Club is willing to set up stands and mini-studios at Village events. Organisers are welcome to contact us and let us know how we can be of assistance at your event.

We welcome new members from Burbage and the surrounding villages all of whom are welcome to join us in sharing this exciting hobby or who may seek to develop their camera skills. Contact Sonny on 01672 811 933 or Mike on 01672 810 574 for more details.