Eddie 'the eagle' Edwards landed in Pewsey Vale this week as the first speaker in a new series of inspirational lectures at Pewsey Vale School.

Eddie, Great Britain’s first and last ever ski jumper, first got the desire to ski when he was in the third year of Secondary School – Year 9 in today’s educational system.

His Team GB career really started when he entered and won a major Alpine Skiing competition, and he was invited to join the England team.

But he told the students that while he had no money, he funded himself working as a plasterer.

During his time in Switzerland he had nowhere to sleep, no food to eat but he was living his dream.

He told students that you have to hold on to your dreams and that only you can make your dreams come true," Eddie said. “Nothing I like better than proving people wrong.”

“The more you’re told No, the more inspired you become”