PEOPLE are being asked for their say on proposals into possible changes to electoral arrangements of Wiltshire’s towns and parishes.

Cllr Richard Clewer, chairman of the electoral review committee of Wiltshire Council, said: “The committee has received many proposed changes to the parishes included in this review.

Before draft recommendations are started we would like to know what residents and the public feel about the proposed changes, and encourage people to respond to this survey and attend the public meetings.”

The survey is running until February 26 on proposals it has received as part of its ongoing community governance review changes. This is to ensure that town and parish councils continue to be reflective of the identity and interest of local communities, and that they are as efficient and effective as can be in their governance.

A series of public meeting dates have also been confirmed for people to find out more about the proposals. Each meeting will focus on the proposed schemes for that area:

• Trowbridge – 20 January – Council Chamber, County Hall, Trowbridge 6pm-7:30pm

• Melksham Without – 22 January – Bowerhill Village Hall , Melksham Without 6pm – 7:30pm

• Calne Without– 5 February – The Lansdown Hall, Derry Hill, Calne Without 5:30pm – 7pm

• Melksham – 14 February – Assembly Hall, Melksham, 6pm – 7:30pm

The survey can be found at: