HIGH end restaurant chain The Ivy is in the mix for the new restaurant in the planned St Peter’s development.

Talks are already underway with owners of boutique hotel groups over the planned 23 bed hotel which the developers hope to have up and running within a year..

Bruce O’Grady, MD of Sherbourne Developments said: “We usually specialise in prime country houses and new builds so we don’t normally do this kind of development. But I’ve been living in Marlborough for 25 years, and I think the town needs this.

“If I want to take my wife out for a meal, I don’t have a lot of options. We also thought it would be really nice to put a decent hotel here that people would appreciate.”

He says he and his team modelled the homes planned for St Peter’s to be like the Phoenix Square development in Pewsey, with their own spin.

The houses are likely to be marketed between £600-£800,000 apiece. The scheme was applauded by councillors for not being aimed at the elderly.