FALLEN trees and flooding hit the county left in the wake of Storm Brendan as it swept across Wiltshire with wind speeds of up to 90mph.

In Trowbridge, a fallen tree in Boundary Walk blocked the pathway.

Local Dawn Dunne said: “Whilst walking our dog around Boundary Walk, my husband heard a strange cracking noise

“Next thing this tree came down. Warning - it has blocked the entire path.”

Across Wiltshire, the county council reported 23 fallen trees and 28 flooding incidents.

Wiltshire Council’s highways department closed the floodgates on the B3106 between Staverton and Holt on Wednesday and the Causeway was also affected.

The River Avon levels also rose at Bradford on Avon, where flood defence barriers were installed on Wednesday.

In Melksham, there was surface water flooding on roads and in fields near the Farmers Roundabout.

Sarah Cook, of the Environment Agency, said: “Following the heavy rain over the past few days we are seeing high river levels and the possibility of some localised flooding in parts of southern England.

“River levels are falling but remain high at the Great Somerford river gauge after heavy rainfall overnight on Tuesday.

"Consequently, the risk of flooding remains. Areas most at risk are properties at Reybridge and Seagry.

"We do not expect the situation to deteriorate any further. Further showery rainfall, heavy at times, is forecast for the afternoon of Thursday.

"River levels are falling, but still pose a flood risk. We are closely monitoring the situation.Our incident response staff are in contact with community flood wardens and volunteers. "Please plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded and contact your insurance company if you've been flooded.

"We are advising people to sign up for our flood warnings and to stay away from swollen rivers.

“Our teams have put up temporary flood barriers in Bradford on Avon to help protect people and property and are out on the ground across the country clearing drainage channels to reduce the risk of flooding.

“We are ready to deploy further temporary flood barriers should they be needed.

“The weather outlook is improving towards the end of this week so we should see the risk of flooding diminishing from tomorrow onwards.”

Go to www.gov.uk/check-flood-risk, call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or follow @EnvAgency on Twitter.